Think about it too, just like the Internet circles are talking about the death of the diaosi economy, if those "high-quality" ones with good user experience are circled, their sense of identity, identity and belonging is also strong, and their willingness to pay is stronger, isn't it? ? As for how to charge and how to divide in the later stage, it is not easy to discuss? The second category, PR companies and some corporate PR, this is a group that is tied to one line.Projects that make money at home,If this is really an entrepreneur, the little wealthy girl may also scan it, but they are not.

To sum up the Kunpeng Theory, in fact, you only need to master the following three principles: The first is to be self-aware and introspective, often reflect on your own gains and losses, successes and failures, think about it, if you are given another chance, you will How to do it.Projects that make money at home