Unexpectedly, video clips with a duration of four or five minutes, such as "Chaoyang Mass Olympic Channel", are extremely popular on the Internet. From the day of the opening ceremony, the traffic has soared. At most, the number of views in a single day exceeded 10 million, and the cumulative number of views in 16 days exceeded 300 million. .How to make money in bitcoin,Short videos have become popular since the second half of last year. It is not impossible to discuss whether there is a bubble, but Wu Xiaobo’s article is less than 1,000 words. There are three main arguments in the full text, all of which have obvious mistakes.

What everyone should be anxious about is what kind of company they can become based on the current content. That company may only be able to do it based on your starting point, but after finishing it, it may not be exactly the same as what you are doing now. matter.How to make money in bitcoin